There are 4 different degrees of detail on the print, depending on the mats profile. But this also applies to other suppliers

The high of the mats rug decides how sharp the print becomes. When you step on a mat with a long rug, the rug folds and the result of that is that the thin lines disappears in to the rug.Due to this a mat with a long rug need a more simple print and thicker lines than a mat with a shorter rug. Mat models with a short rug or flat mats can therefore be printed with a more demanding/detailed print.

1.  Mats with flat tug ”Photo” and ”Table-Top” = Photoprint
These mats is primarily for advertising and not to absorb dirt or moisture. They are produced on a 4 color printer, so the the accuracy and the color scale is almost unrestricted

2. Mats with low/short rug ”High-Res” = at least the width of a match on the lines
If you are searching for a mat that absorb dirt and has a detailed print, then chose High-Res. This high resolution mat will hardly disappoint you

3. Mats with  Medium rug ”Logo” = at least the thickness of 2 matches on the lines
This mat is a true work horse and effectily absorb dirt and moisture. Like all of our high quality mats the rug is colored all the way down yo the rubber bottom and the print is of high quality

4. Mats with high/long rug ”Marathon” = at least the thickness of 3 matches on the lines
The king of corridor mats. High/long but with a very dense rug that absorb dirt and work as a sound absorber.

Chromo or digital print
Mats with a flat surface (Photo & Table-Top) are printed on a printer that reminds of a color printer. This enables that the pictures are detailed and also has a wide color spectrum

Mats that has a higher/longer fringe is printed with Cromo print. This means that the fringe is “spray painted” all the way down to the root which makes that sustainability of the color is lifelong

Color options
Flatfringed mats i printed i full 4 color print. Chromo print has 66 standard colors.

When you send us your logo, pattern or a picture, we will use standard color palette (the closest colors). We will then send you a draft for approval. It is possible to get exact spot colors if neede, for an additional fee.

Does this sound to difficult?*
No worries, send us your material/wishes and we will fix it, you only need to  approve the design before the mat goes to production.

Do not hesitate to contact us on if you have any questions.

*When customers sends their print ready material, the drafts are always free. If designing help i needed for a print original or graphic design, 40€/h is invoiced (0% VAT). Minimum charge is 20€ (0% VAT)

For Professionals

The material is in CMYK
Color profile  Euroscale Coated V2
Vector graphics or a picture that have high resolution

Oh no, this sounds too difficult?

Chill, send us your material/wishes and we will fix it, you only need to approve the design before the mat goes to production.

Made In Europe